Reverend Alison Termie Reverend Annette Haigh
    Born Just outside Glasgow, I was brought up within the Church of Scotland. I went to Glasgow  University and gained a BSc in Zoology and parasitology (yes, worms and things). Then I went to Oxford University (St Anne’s College) for a
    year to do my PGCE, teaching secondary school Biology and Chemistry.

    In 1979, newly married Kenneth and I moved to Leicester and I Joined  the United Reformed Church. At this time I worked part time as Scientific officer for the Leicester and Rutland trust for nature  conservation and in the Zoology department of Leicester University as a
    tutor and Lab demonstrator.

    I was ordained Elder in 1984 and served the church in youth work and as assistant Church secretary among other things. Blessed with three
    children it was late 80’s before they were all at school and I moved out

    of the university and into full time teaching in city centre Leicester.
    There followed 14 happy years teaching GCSE sciences while at the same time I pursued a number of courses in theology to broaden my
    understanding of my faith.

    LONG STORY SHORT… in 2000 God caught me and I candidated for Ministry, I trained part time on the ecumenical East Midlands Ministry training course. In 2005 I was ordained into the Spen Valley group pastorate in West Yorkshire where I served for 9 years before accepting a call to the Goyt and Etherow pastorate in North Western Synod.

    I particularly enjoy helping children and adults explore their faith in
    ways that enrich their understanding but always leaves space for the
    Holy Spirit to bring the challenge of a God who is bigger and more
    loving and more awesome than we can every comprehend in this life.
    I grew up in a Manse, my father having been ordained as a Congregational minister. It was socially challenging growing up in a manse, but it reinforced my faith; at age 10 I made the conscious decision that the Christian faith was mine, and not just my family's.

    At the age of 14 I received a calling to ministry, and was both taken seriously and encouraged in this faith journey by family, local church and synod moderator. Before leaving school I began the candidating process. At that time candidates could not begin to train until they were 20. At age 18 I went to Bradford to do 6 months voluntary work within every possible area of church life and service with a very active church located on, and serving, a large council estate (with all the associated complex social issues). This was to gain contrasting experience to my father's pastorate in rural Northamptonshire.

    It turned out that it was 20 years before I began training for formal ministry, though I consider my whole life (even now) as training. I remained for those 20 years actively involved in the same church in Bradford, and its service to the local community, becoming an elder at approximately age 23.

    My working life prior to formal training for ministry was varied: being an office administrator/PA prior to having children; later, having chosen to be at home with our children before they went to school, I used craft skills as a paying hobby making wedding dresses and special occasion cakes; I worked part time in retail to fit round school times; and then returned to office administration.

    My formal ministry training was at Northern College, Manchester, where the course in Contextual Theology included both church and community placements alongside each academic year.

    I believe that my ministry and preaching are profoundly biblically based, including the social gospel, and tending towards charismatic-evangelical (though I struggle with labels!); although I have experience of different and varied congregations and pastorates. It is my ongoing desire to serve a pastorate that has at least an openness and sympathy to spirit-filled worship and ministry; which I do not believe is constrained to any worship style.

    Updated 3 Nov 2015