This Month's Message from our Ministry Team


                                   Revd. Alison Termie            Revd. Annette Haigh


    Dear Friends,

    I am going to share a few clichés, and sayings with you. By early November the shops were already advertising the number of “sleeps before Christmas”; playing music suggesting that “It’s Christmas!”- wishing that “it could be Christmas every day!”

    And yet there is, quite predictably, very little in sight that actually suggests “Christ-mas.” As usual, hardly any of the cards show anything to do with the Nativity of Jesus. I have often thought that I would like to make a car sticker that plays on the words “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” – letting people know that “Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas!”

    It seems that someone else had that idea, as I recently saw someone with a T-shirt which said exactly that. So – might I actually “wish it could be Christmas, every day!”? I certainly long for the effect of Christmas to impact every day.

    One thing I have noticed, is that I have become quite nostalgic; with memories of Christmas celebrations past; particular foods and decorations that remind me of times shared with loved ones, right through from my earliest memories. Many of those memories connecting to traditions: as a child, the same Advent Calendar coming out year after year; family gatherings with Brian’s mum on Christmas Day; at my parents’ house on Boxing Day.

    As time moves on, and families grow up and move away these traditions change, and sometimes even come to their conclusion – hence the nostalgic feelings when baking the same cakes and biscuits; and the wistful feelings about things that no longer happen!

    However – the constant reality is that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I would encourage you to share in whatever you can that prepares you to celebrate the coming of “Immanuel” – God with
    us; to remember afresh the “incarnation” – God being made human.

    One of my own traditions is listening to Handel’s Messiah – I used to go to this being performed by Halifax Choral Society early in Advent. This reminds me that celebrating Jesus’ birth is part of
    the cycle of His whole life, death and resurrection. As Christmas approaches we will have lots of opportunities to sing Christmas Carols and to hear the story again through Bible readings.

    Sending Christmas cards is the perfect chance to share something of our faith, by purposefully choosing ones that express the true meaning. Perhaps you could talk with family and friends about your traditions, past and present, as this could open up conversations which enable you to talk about why “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

    Brian and I wish you every blessing for Christmas and the New





    Updated 7th Dec 2018