This Month's Message from our Ministry Team


                                   Revd. Alison Termie            Revd. Annette Haigh



    Dear Friends

    Advent, Christmas, Epiphany!!!!  What a lot of CHURCH we are going to squeeze into the next two months while, at the same time, we follow the world through Black Friday, Santa Mania, family get-togethers, the–year round–January Sales, AND a little political excitement of course. Whether you are out there in the thick of it all or safe at home watching through the lens of the television, radio and computer it affects us all. 

    The challenge for me is to let the two worlds of activity and understanding meet and really interact. Such that my prayerful Advent waiting for the coming again of God’s Kingdom here on earth, here in ME, becomes a part of my political deliberations as I refuse to allow the complexity and hype of the campaigns to distract me from searching for the moments of clarity and understanding.  

    Such that my joyful Christmas celebrations, remembering Christ’s birth, in a stable, under an oppressive regime, surrounded by the poor and the outcast, may be holy and wholesome. Knowing that I will be swept up into buying more than I need and I will excuse the extra chocolate or the extra glass as being a little ‘Christmas cheer’ on a cold day, I hope I may also find ways to bring joy to others and to support those who will give of their time and energy to make Christmas a celebration for those who have so much less than I

    Then the challenge runs into the New Year - such that the revelations of Epiphany, whilst meant to be spiritually enriching are as nothing unless we accept the challenge to live differently as a result.


    May God Bless you in the waiting, in the celebrating, and in the dawning of new light in the coming year.



    Updated 27th Nov 2019