Our Pastorate

    The Goyt and Etherow Pastorate
    of the United Reformed Church was formed in 2014 by the merger of the previous Goyt Valley Pastorate - the congregations at Providence New Mills, Marple and Marple Bridge - with those at Hatherlow and Tintwistle. 

    Our Mission Opportunities and Priorities

    Each of our 5 churches is rooted in, and committed to, its own local area and to service of its people.  Service to local people, drawing in various age groups, is our main mission opportunity and the work to which we are called.  We all aim to increase our work among children and young people and also to reach out more to our local men (under-represented in most of our churches). 

    We all enjoy the (mixed) blessing of large buildings up to 200 years old.  We plan, increasingly, to make these more available for community use - important both as we build local relationships and as sources of income

    Theology and Worship Style

    Worship and preaching are biblically based in all our churches and broadly traditional.  However, we are all open to other worship styles and to developing fresh expressions (currently mostly family based). 

    The Tintwistle & Glossop congregation has a particular commitment to evangelical teaching and Marple Bridge describes itself as theologically liberal, but we all seek to make Jesus known where we live and work.

    The Role of Our Ministry Team

    Our Ministers, The Revd. Alison Termie and The Revd. Annette Haigh lead our pastoral care and our outreach, especially to young people and to men.  Worship is also delivered as part of a large lay team, with the support of a number of retired ministers within our congregations. 

    Updated January 5th 2016